SolidSteel S5 Series Audio Racks - Black

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    The S5 Series is the pinnacle of Solidsteel's Hi-Fi rack offerings, catering to audiophiles who are looking for vibration damping. As the embodiment of their core philosophy, the S5 Series is the result of a harmonious blend between functional innovation and a deep commitment to aesthetic excellence. This series continues our tradition of using top-quality materials, integrating the best features of our previous welded products with the advanced technical enhancements developed through the Hyperspike line. The S5 Series emerges as a foundational range, characterized by exceptional quality, simplicity, and excellence in its components.

    Distinctive to the S5 Series are its dual-level, decoupled shelves. The main shelves, perforated centrally, incorporate embedded steel details. The secondary shelves, resting on our new steel cones, create a decoupling effect that is central to our innovative vibration counteracting system. When placed on their respective steel discs (S Series PADS), their traditional steel spikes effectively channel vibrations away from the structure, enhancing functionality. Like the S3 Series, the aluminum tubes in the S5 Series are filled with a non-grainy damping material and feature a secure fastening system for adjustable heights. This customization, combined with the series' innovative technology, allows users to adjust the shelf heights to suit their systems, offering a technically advanced and adaptable solution for their audio setups.

    • Advanced Hi-Fi Racks for Audio Systems
    • Ennobled MDF wood with Polymer Laminate Finish
    • 55 kg of maximum load per each shelf
    • Modular

    Finishes: Black

    All racks are 23w x 16.9d with inner shelf surface of 19.7w x 16.9d

    2 Shelf Audio Rack 19.7 inches tall - Black

    3 Shelf Audio Rack 29.7 inches tall - Black

    4 Shelf Audio Rack 39.7 inches tall - Black

    5 Shelf Audio Rack 42.7 inches tall - Black

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