Bostic Blu Tack Speaker Securing Material

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This is a versitile product from the craft world - intended for hanging posters or canvases. We use it primarily to secure monitor loudspeakers to stands.

Roll four balls from this clay-like polymer and stick to the top plate of speaker stands. Then simply place your speaker cabinet on the balls and press into place. Mechanically couples yet isolates the speaker to the stands similar to spikes without damaging the speaker cabinet. BLU-TACK is a non-reactive, resistive damping polymer which behaves like a tacky, flexible, semi-liquid clay. It comes in (4) thin flexible strips that can be cut up or pulled apart as needed. It provides excellent mechanical energy transmission.
75g - Four 3/4" x 8" Strips

Note: Blu Tack may leave a faint oil mark. A safe solvent will usually remove it. Recommendations are a guide only.

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