Power Cord Burn In Adapter - EACH

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Burn In Adapter for Power Cords. Use this adapter to burn in" your power cords. Male C14 320IEC - Female NEMA 15 amp (not designed for medical or hospital use).
Accepts female 320IEC
Highly requested product
Sold individually

Simply connect your power cord to the wall, plug the "Burn In Adapter" to the IEC end of your power cable and plug a high load such as a quartz lamp into the adapter. Purchase multiple and connect your PC's end to end (daisy chain) to burn them all in at the same time. Can also be used to connect a quality power cord to your components "captured" power cord. Connect a constant load for 72+ hrs and "Voila," your power cords will no longer be "medium rare." Brings out the performance and detail of your power cords. 10A @ 250VAC. Male C14 320IEC - Female NEMA 15 amp

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