Plug Lock Inserts for Detachable C13 Power Cord /C14 Inlet - 4 pack

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Not all 15A IEC inlets are the same. Use these cool shims to take up the sometimes excessive gap in your IEC power inlet, gripping your heavy aftermarket power cords for a solid fit. 

Sold in packs of (4)

  • ELECTRICAL-CORD LOCK KEEPS C13 POWER CORD CONNECTED TO C14 INLET: Electrical cord lock device slides onto the end of a detachable C13 power cord to ensure a tight fit in a C14 inlet. Power plug lock helps to prevent accidental disconnection and to confirm critical data center equipment remains powered.
  • ELECTRICAL PLUG LOCK WITH HIGH-STRENGTH CONSTRUCTION: 10x more retention force than standard cord/inlet connection. Made from PA66 nylon that meets UL 94 standards with a V-2 flame rating.
  • SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE INSTALLATION: Just place the plug-lock insert over any C13 input cord and connect it to any C14 inlet. Compatible with detachable C13 power cords with no special cables, outlets, tools or hardware required. Ideal plug locks for electrical plugs.

Item dimensions L x W x H: 0.66 x 0.94 x 1.14 inches

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