NAD C 268 Stereo Power Amplifier

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The NAD 268 is an affordable, flexible, 80-watt per channel power amplifier that can be used as a standard power amplifier in combination with a preamplifier; to bi-amplify speakers; or bridged to become a high-power mono amplifier, expanding upgrade opportunities.

The NAD C 268 has a Class-D output stage and a switchmode power supply. The Class-D output stage is customised version of the proven Hypex UcD output stage. Every detail of this design has been carefully crafted and perfectly executed to wring out every last drop of performance.

For more than forty years NAD has developed a worldwide reputation for great-sounding, best-in-class amplifiers and the C 268 continues this rich heritage of superior sound quality.’ Rated with an output of 80-watts per channel continuous into 8Ω, If you bridge the two channels to create a mono amplifier, it will deliver 300-watts into 8Ω. It has both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs. The inputs can use the amplifier's maximum available gain or be padded down via an input trim control. There is also a line output suitable for driving a subwoofer.

‘You can start with one NAD C 268, then add a second C 268 later when you upgrade your speakers. Alternatively, the C 268 can be paired with the NAD C 368 Integrated DAC Amp and with both units bridged for mono, 300 distortion-free watts per channel are available for pure listening pleasure.’


  • 80W x 2 Continuous Stereophonic Power into 8 or 4 Ohms
  • Stereo Dynamic Power 120/200/250 @ 8/4/2 Ohms
  • 300W x 1 Continuous Power into 8 or 4 Ohms Bridge Mode
  • Mono Dynamic Power 500/540W @ 8/4 Ohms
  • Balanced Line Inputs
  • Single-Ended Line Inputs
  • Variable Input Level Control
  • Line Output for Daisy Chaining
  • 12V Trigger In/Out
  • Auto Turn-on with Selectable Threshold
  • Ground Lug
  • Detachable AC Power Cord

 Physical Specification:

  • Dimensions: 17-1/8" wide, 3 15/16" high, 115-3/8" deep
  • Weight: 16.1 lb.

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