Advance Paris X-A160 EVO Stereo Power Amplifier

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New diagrams, power transistors identical to the MAA 1000, new power supply, more power, more music, more modern presentation such is the X-A160EVO.

The X-A160EVO amplifier consists of an ultra-rigid, compartmentalized chassis, providing effective shielding, thus eliminating any risk of radiation between the various circuits of the device.

The use of “Audiophile” type components guarantees a reproduction of your favorite music with finesse and subtlety.

The high power supply associated with the "very high current" power transistors (NJW0281G – NJW0302G) of the MAA 1000, restores the most demanding dynamics.

The X-A160EVO delivers a power of 160 Watts per channel in class AB*, a switch located at the back of the device allows the X-A160EVO to deliver the first Watts in class A*. Beyond this power, switching to class AB** takes place automatically when Hi-Bias is selected.

  • Power output 8 Ω : 2 X 160W RMS
  • Power output 4 Ω : 2 X 240W RMS
  • Frequency response : 10 Hz - 80 kHz
  • Distortion < 0,07%
  • Signal/Noise ratio : > 120 dB
  • Channel separation > 80 dB
  • Input impedance : 20KΩ (Asymétrique)
  • Input impedance : 38KΩ (Symétrique)
  • AC Input : 115V/230V (Commutation automatique)
  • Standby power consumption : < 0,5W
  • Power consummations max : 500W
  • Power transformer : 700W
  • Toroïdal transformer
  • Dimensions : H.16 cm x W.44 cm x D.42 cm
  • Net Weight : 19 kg

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