Disc It CD - DVD Storage Stand

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Have you every had a compact disc, DVD, or CD-Rom in hand and no safe place to put it? The last thing you want to do is toss it onto a table or desk, risking scratches and damage. And it's a pain to put a disc back in the jewel case when you are still using it and just need to sit it down for a moment. This innovative holder keeps your discs elevated and secure -- it's perfect for convenient desktop storage of frequently used music CDs, software or DVD discs. Simply place your disc so the hole slides down the support stand -- each organizer holds up to 8 discs, keeping them stabilized from damaging one another. Never worry about scratches or other irreparable disc damage again. Looks great with any rig. Two available colors, click to view.

DISC-IT! is pure simplicity; a mini CD storage device providing safe and convenient storage of CD's, CD-R's, CD-ROMs, DVD's and Game Discs that are in repeat or frequent use.

DISC-IT! reduces the clutter and inconvenience of jewel cases and similar storage devices from the desktop, stereo, computer, shelves, entertainment center and practically everywhere people actively use CD's.

DISC-IT! will safely hold up to 8 of your favorite discs at a time, each stabilized by the integral stacking ring built around the center of all discs. This unique multi-patented design requires zero concentration and can be used from virtually any position.

"One of the neatest gadgets I've come across--a Disc-it!, a must have for folks who lay their discs everywhere except back in the case; no more scratched discs.NPR

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