Cardas A8 30th Anniversary Edition Ear Speaker In Ear Headphones

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The new A8 "30th Anniversary Edition" Ear Speakers are here! As with the original A8, the new A8 features our UltraLinear Driver, a Golden Spiral curved earpiece machined from billet brass, and a four-conductor Cardas cable.

New for the 30th Anniversary Edition is beautiful black-chrome finish on the ear pieces, improved strain relief at the 3.5mm plug & yolk, and a longer cable with a continuous connection from plug to driver.

As with the original A8, the A8 30th Anniversary Edition sounds natural and musical, just like you'd expect from Cardas Audio.

"The A8 has no pole piece as such.  The pole piece has been replaced by a contoured field permanent magnet.  The motor is linear to nearly DC, as is phase response." - George Cardas

Use the Cardas Clarifier App for iOS and Android with your Ear Speakers:

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