Audiophile Electrical Wall Outlet - 20A - Gold Plated - Cryogenically Treated

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The Cryogenically Treated Extra Heavy Duty Audiophile Series Receptacle features 99.998% Pure Copper Conductor material with Four Layer Plated Technology. Plating process consists of primary layer of Oxygen Free Copper Plating followed by Silver Plating for additional conductivity, Palladium Plating for barrier protection followed by 24k Gold Plating for Conductivity and Corrosion resistance.

Accepts 15 and 20 Amp US plugs.

This is a great upgrade over your standard wall outlet providing higher contact surface area and gripping strength. Very affordable system upgrade recommendation.

It all starts at the wall.


CAUTION: Lethal voltages are encountered when removing and installing high voltage AC devices. Have this work done by a competent technician or licensed electrician.

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