Clearaudio Speed Strobe Light

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The Speed Strobe Light is a 300-Hz light source for the Clearaudio Speed Strobe Test LP.

The Speed Strobe Light is far more accurate than standard fluorescent light sources, allowing for greater accuracy and ease in determining precise platter speed. Take the stress out of checking platter speed with the Clearaudio Speed Strobe Light.

“[Clearaudio’s Speed Strobe Kit], a two-sided white strobe disc, with markings for calibrating both 33 and 45 speeds, as well as a special groove that allows you to break in a cartridge. Shine the [Speed Strobe Light’s] little blue light on the disc, and, voila, speed can easily be calibrated. The Clearaudio Speed Test Disc and Speed Laser have become part of our reference accessories list. And much welcomed!” – Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound

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