Cardas Clear Cygnus Power Cord

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A scaled down version of Clear Beyond Power, Cygnus Power features three well shielded conductors and a passive noise filter.

As you would expect, Cygnus Power pairs well with the rest of the Cygnus lineup, and provides many of the benefits of it’s higher-capacity siblings, at a fraction of the price.

 Clear Cygnus Power comes standard with Cardas 3455R Power connectors, featuring copper blades & clips, plated with rhodium over silver. All standard international wall plugs are also available, as are 20 amp IEC connectors.

  • Golden Ratio Conductors
  • Ultra-Pure Cardas Copper Conductors
  • Air Filled Teflon Tubes
  • Litz Construction
  • Rhodium over Silver Plated Terminations
  • Broadband Noise Filtration
  • TPR Insulation
  • 13 AWG

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