Audience Forte F3 PowerChord - Power Cord- 1.75M

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Audience of California has hit this one out of the park!
Replace your performance robbing stock power cord today. 

1.75M/15A IEC - Limited Time Offer - The forte f3 powerChord contain massive 10 AWG conductors, made from 99.99% pure OFC stranded copper in XLPE (cross linked polyethylene dielectric) with PVC jacket. It's "Cryogenically Treatment" process to the brass contacts takes a full three days. It sports C688 Olin Brass contacts.

The forte f3 powerChord is a product in keeping with the long standing reputation of Audience of California for making highest quality power cords for high end audio. Audience put a great deal of work into the forte f3 powerChord to provide audio enthusiasts an absolutely unbeatable product below the $500 price point. The forte f3 powerChord is highly resolute and well balanced with all the musical qualities that customers of Audience products have historically experienced.

You have no reason to not upgrade...
1.75M/15A IEC - Limited Time Offer

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