Cardas Sennheiser Headphone Cable - 1/8" - iPod

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Optimize the performance of your Sennheiser headphones with the Cardas Headphone Cable. Designed specifically for Sennheiser HD-580, HD-600 and HD-650 headphones, the custom designed Cardas cable significantly improves performance by replacing the less than ideal stock wiring. Proprietary molded mini headphone connections eliminate unnecessary soldered connections found in other replacement cables, thus improving signal transfer. Rhodium plated too.  Inside you'll find double shielded, four-conductor, pure copper litz Golden Ratio constant Q conductors. The Cardas Headphone Cable will significantly improve the sound of your Sennheiser HD-580/HD-600/HD-650 headphones.

Fits: Senn 650/600/580/565/545/535/525/265

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