Audience Forte F5 PowerChord

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Audience announced the introduction of its Forte f5 powerChord, offering outstanding performance and greater value in a true high-end power cord. The new Forte f5 is designed to provide improved audio quality and a lower noise floor, and enable a significantly improved sonic presentation.
The Forte f5 builds upon more than two decades of Audience power cord design. It utilizes a unique six-conductor geometry that provides superior EMI and RFI noise rejection, for a quieter listening background. The f5 is constructed from high-purity 10 AWG aggregate stranded copper, to deliver an exceptional degree of low-level musical detail. In addition, the f5 utilizes an ultra-high-quality XLPE - cross-linked polyethylene dielectric material. It is designed and built to the highest manufacturing standards.
In addition, the Forte f5 is cryogenically treated using Audience's proprietary process, which results in higher conductivity and improved signal transfer.

Additionally, one can treat their Forte F5 with Audience's proprietary "EHVP" treatment, usually reserved for the higher end PowerChords. This treatment improves upon the decay, air and space capabilities of the forte F5.

Extreme High Voltage Process - EHVP

MORRE EHVP utilizes a one of a kind, highly modified and powerful Tesla Coil to apply extreme high voltages at specific pulse modulations, frequencies and amplitudes, in differing ratios, to individual, and combined signal conductors, as well as all conductive constituents. Our expert knowledge and years of research into this particular field is unrivaled and the proof is in the performance of all Audience products under the MORRE umbrella. This very special process creates predictable paths through the crystalline grain structure of the various metals, including connection points and connectors, and provides a continuity and integrity to the completed MORRE product.

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