Audience Au24 SEi PowerChord HP - Power Cord

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  • The powerChord SE-i is made with the finest conducting (high purity mono crystal copper) and insulating materials available in a rugged, flexible, "user friendly" configuration. The powerChord SE is a low DC resistance design allowing for the maximum transfer of power. It is also a low impedance design to naturally reject noise and interference and it also radiates much less energy. This improves performance and lowers the noise floor allowing for superior reproduction of low level detail as well as dynamics. The powerChord SE has the unique ability to let each type of component perform optimally by quickly providing more power with better quality to your component's power supply. It does so in a flexible, durable, reliable design. All audience cords and cables are unconditionally lifetime guaranteed. If you return your defective or damaged cable audience will repair or replace it at no charge.

    PowerChord SE-i is available in three different gauges. The standard HP is 10 AWG for the highest power components like power amplifiers. The medium power "MP" is 14 AWG and is for components between 50 and 150 watts. The low power "LP" is for components up to 50 watts.

  • Rhodium Plated Copper Plugs standard.

    High-current, low impedance design for fast response.

    High immunity to radiated noise with minimum radiated field.

    Improves resolution and color rendition in video playback systems.

    Delivers maximum power to your music playback system.

    Widest possible bandwidth for instantaneous response to the program signal.

    Ultra-flexible for long service life and minimum damage to conductors.

    Powerful, accurate reproduction of macro- and micro-dynamics.

    Solid, articulate deep bass response.

    Far lower background noise than possible with other power cords.

    Vastly improves imaging, restores harmonic integrity.

    The only power cord that allows all components to perform at their full potential.

    International plugs available.

    Neutrik PowerCon® & other component connectors available.

    Lifetime unconditional repair or replace warranty.

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