VPI MW-1 Cyclone Record Cleaning Machine

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Cleans and vacuums in both directions. The motor is a high torque 18 RPM forward and reverse turntable motor. The MW-1 is housed in an aluminum water proof case with a welded stainless steel water tank which drains out the back. The bidirectional turntable motor allows for you to scrub and vacuum in both directions for the ultimate in deep cleaning. Professional quality toggle switches with 100 thousand cycle life. The turntable motor is designed to last decades and is inspired by the original HW 16 which is still working 30 years later. The vacuum motor so powerful it rated to lift mercury 120 inches pulling the grim off your records. All components of heavy duty industry quality and includes a 2 inch delrin record clamp. In addition, the MW-1 Cyclone is quieter than the HW-16.5 and more durable with its aluminum casing. 

• Aluminum waterproof housing
• Dual Direction cleaning and vacuuming
• High torque 18 RPM forward and reverse turntable motor
•  2-inch Delrin Knurled Record Clamp
• Removable Dust Cover
• Size: 15 1/2" x 14 1/4" x 9"

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