VPI Anti-Skate Device for VPI Turntables

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Anti-Skate is one of the least understood forces acting on a tonearm. Skating force is created by friction between the stylus and the record, causing a force vector in a direction towards the center of the record when the headshell of the tonearm has an offset angle. 

Note: You must have the "black" junction box in order to use this device (will not work with older silver junction box.)

Directions for use: The anti-skate mounts on the black junction box by removing the right side screw and screwing the anti-skate mechanism into the now vacant hole. Tighten the nut once you have the shaft screwed in. Remove the tonearm counterweight and install the black D shaped piece to the counterweight stub. Loop the line around the anti-skate post (in one of the multiple grooves) and adjust the height of the anti-skate so the line is level when the arm is in the armrest. Adjust the anti-skate by moving the circular weight away from the pivot (more force) or closer to the pivot (less force). You no longer have to twist the lead out wire from the arm to the junction box to set anti-skate, just plug it in directly with no twist.

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