Toslink Right Angle 1/8" Mini Plug Adapter to Toslink Optical - Fits Apple® Products - EACH

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A perfect cable Toslink adapter for connecting select Apple® computers, Apple® TV and Apple® MAC Mini with optical digital out available at the headphone jack/port.

Connect a standard TOSLINK port to a Mini TOSLINK port for digital optical audio.

This TOSLINK to Mini TOSLINK cable adapter is the perfect solution for connecting a full size TOSLINK port to a Mini TOSLINK port. Enjoy full, multi-channel, optical digital audio through this cable, which is ideal for home theater or other surround sound systems. The optical digital audio is a light signal; thus reducing the chance of RFI, EMI or ground loop interference.

Note: This cable adapter supports optical digital audio and is not designed to adapt a 3.5mm Stereo Audio port to a TOSLINK port.

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