Sumiko Blue Point Special No. 3 MC High and Low Output Phono Cartridge

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Sumiko has updated one of its iconic designs. The Blue Point No. 2 High Output Moving Coil cartridge has been upgraded to the new model Blue Point No. 3, which features both High Output and Low Output versions. Compatible with any Moving Magnet phono stage and a wide range of tonearms, the affordable Blue Point No. 2 is a gem that has brought tens of thousands of listeners into the world of true high-fidelity analog. And now Sumiko has made it even better.

By redesigning the cartridge's housing and improving the generator's mounting, Sumiko was able to significantly reduce the systems' internal vibrations, resulting in greater clarity and a smoother overall tonal balance. This redesign also adds threaded inserts to the cartridge body and improves visibility of the stylus tip to make mounting simpler and more precise. A protective stylus guard is also provided.

Smoothness Enhanced with Subtlety and Nuance

The sonic presentation of Blue Point No. 3 harkens back to vintage Shure & Stanton moving magnet cartridges fondly remembered for their smoothness. With Sumiko's tried and true MC generator system, that smoothness is enhanced with the subtlety and nuance you'd expect from a Sumiko moving coil cartridge.

The Blue Point No. 3 assembles its sonic picture from the ground up with its oh-so buttery low-end response. Bass enthusiasts are in for a treat here. Full and warm, yet defined and textured, the coziness of the bass will invite you right in. It doesn't stop there, however. You can expect the similar lushness through the mids along with high-frequency attack and decay that's simply sweet and airy.

High and Low Output Versions

Here's another nice upgrade to the Blue Point No. 2. The new Blue Point Number 3 is now available in both High Output and Low Output versions. The High Output model can be used with any Moving Magnet phono stage with 47k loading, while the Low Output is the perfect companion to the many excellent affordable phono stages that support Moving Coils. For best results, resistive loading should be set between 100-150.

  • high-output moving-coil design
  • nude-mounted 0.3 x 0.7mm elliptical diamond stylus
  • aluminum tube cantilever
  • frequency response 13-35,000 Hz
  • output voltage: 2.5 mV or 05mV
  • stereo separation: 30 dB
  • channel balance: <1 dB
  • tracking force range: 1.8-2.2 grams
  • recommended tracking force: 2.0 grams
  • load impedance: 47k ohms
  • cartridge weight: 6 grams

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