Sonus Faber Wireless Transmitter

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10/10 Condition

Designed to wirelessly transmit signals to Gravis active subwoofers.


Designed by Sonus faber to transmit signals in wireless mode to Gravis III, V & VI subwoofers, with maximum versatility in a compact form that is easy to integrate into any listening environment.


The use of an RCA cable (mono or stereo) allows the Transmitter connect to the line output of devices such as a stereo amplifier, an audio-video player (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) or a home theater controller or pre-amplifier.


The Gravis Transmitter seamlessly pairs with Gravis III, V & VI subwoofers in a matter of seconds. To install, press and hold the pairing button (approx. 5 seconds) until the LED begins flashing. Within 30 seconds, press the subwoofer's pairing button on the integrated receiver. The LED will become steady to indicate a successful connection, turning off after a moment.

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