Silverback Subwoofer Cable - 10ft - SINGLE

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The Silverback subwoofer cable is designed to provide a full audio experience and deep crisp bass. Connect a subwoofer to a stereo receiver with the RCA to RCA connections. Solid connections from the split-tip center pin and the 6-cut sidewall makes sure the bass is never interrupted. Gold plated contacts and solid copper conductor offer maximum signal transfer for the deepest and fullest bass. Unwanted noise is kept out with dual shielded heavy gauge wire. 

Single 10FT Subwoofer Cable

Cable Construction

  • Silverback subwoofer cable connects a powered subwoofer with an audio receiver.
  • Double shielded, heavy gauge wire provides low-distortion extra deep bass.
  • Split-tip center pin, 6-cut gold plated connector, provides ultra-secure connections and maximum signal transfer.
  • Metal housing adds durability; compact housing allows for better flexibility in those tight spaces behind your audio components.

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