Shunyata Research Venom V14 Power Cord - C7

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Shunyata Research is pleased to announce the new award-winning VENOM Series of power cords. The VENOM V14s are ideal for all source and media applications, as well as offering four different connector terminations that will work with almost any type of electronic component. These amazing power cords are fully shielded for noise-isolation, and provide exceptional performance and value.

The four new VENOM V14 power cords are the first to use massive 14-gauge conductors, while other specialty power cords only use 18 gauge. The V14s use ultra-pure OFE copper conductors and Shunyata Research's own proprietary connectors that are crimped and soldered to ensure good DTCD instantaneous current performance. When used on source components, the V14 models offer superlative performance and form a perfect partnership with other VENOM power cords and VENOM signal cables. With such an attractive price-to-performance ratio, and with nearly limitless applications, the VENOM V14 cables are certain to make a lasting impression.

The new V14 power cords are available with C5, C7, C7P, or C13 molded connectors, making them ideally suited for use with BluRay players, flat screen televisions, portable devices, power bricks and a host of other components. 

This cable is ideal for use on front end gear, preamplifiers and various video equipment using a Standard 15a IEC

1.5M/5ft - 14AWG - 15 amp Female C7

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