Shunyata Research Venom HDMI Cable - EACH

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Shunyata Research designed the VENOM HDMI® to offer a visibly superior picture and improved sound quality. And yet, our goal was to provide a cable at a price that everyone could afford. Comparisons reveal that few videophile oriented HDMI™ cables offer much more than department store performance while the uber expensive HDMI™ cables are noticeably superior -- they certainly couldn't be considered a good value.
In keeping with Shunyata's commitment to unprecedented value within the VENOM line, the VENOM HDMI® was created to offer reference level performance at an affordable price.

Before spending more on any other HDMI® product, test and compare the VENOM HDMI® for yourself. You will find its performance and price to be irresistible.

- 28-Gauge Copper Conductors
- 5 Individual Siignal Shields
- Dual Outer Shields

RFI/EMI Reduction
- Torroidal High Frequency Filter

Digital Audio
- Dolby True HS
- Dolby Digital Plus
- DTS-HD Master Audio
- ARC (Audio return channel)
- Uncompressed Multi Channel Digital Audio Ethernet Support

- Up to 4320p (4k)

- Bandwidth Speed up to 10.2 Ghz
- Supports 3D and 1.4
- Supports Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI Return Channel (HRC)
- Supports Dolby True HS, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio
- Uncompressed Digital Video Transmission
- Uncompressed Multi Channel Digital Audio

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