Shunyata Research Venom AES/EBU Digital Cable

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    High quality consumer sound playback systems, master pro-audio recording environments, and home cinemas.

    Venom Interconnects feature the finest Ohno continuous cast copper and heavy braided shielding for noise isolation. 


  • – Ohno Continuous Cast Copper improves sound performance
    – VTX™ Conductors (hollow-core) enhances clarity in the listening experience
    – Premium Shunyata XLR and RCA Connectors for a snug fit
    – 100% coverage braided shield to protect against RF
    – Stunning Aesthetic makes for attractive presentation
    – Flexibility makes them easy to manage
    – Value that is affordable
    Ohno 110 ohm twisted pair, VTX™ geometry, Ohno copper, braided shielding.
    Shunyata XLR, gold pins.

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