Shunyata Research Gemini Model 8 Power Conditioner with Chassis Grounding

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The affordable GEMINI Model-8 - rugged construction, dual zone AC filtering, 20A current capability and ground-noise reduction system  is the perfect complement for high performance audio or video systems. 

Gemini Model 8's onboard Chassis Grounding System complements the patented NIC chambers and multi-stage filtering capability, delivering unparalleled noise reduction and fidelity for any complete video, music or professional recording system. Whether for high current amps, subwoofers, recording consoles, or for the most delicate digital and analog sources, the Gemini Model 8's design insures maximum fidelity and system wide flexibility.

By deploying the GEMINI as your power distributor, you can expect a remarkable enhancement in both audio and video quality. However, when you engage the Grounding System (cables sold separately), the GEMINI transforms into a one-of-a-kind product, taking your system's performance to a whole new level, with noise-free operation.

To ensure impeccable fidelity, the GEMINI Model-8 offers four posts for chassis grounding only, further diminishing any unwanted noise that might affect your audio experience (please note that signal grounding is not provided).


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