ROSE RS 250 High Performance Network Streamer

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The HiFi Rose RS250 is a true high-end device. From its elegant, sturdy aluminum construction through its extensive DAC functions and on to its bespoke transformer design – no element of this prestigious product is left to chance. The RS250 is guaranteed to deliver industry leading sound and benefits from Rose OS, a bespoke operating system that delivers a control interface and feature-set that is second-to-none.

Similar to its predecessor, RS150, the RS250 features similar attributes however the HiFi Rose RS250 is much more compact and lightweight in design and will facilitate any listening space. 

The HiFi Rose RS250 has been designed with a full linear power supply that provides a clean and reliable power supply to the CPU and audio output circuits. The use of a linear power supply results in the minimisation of noise inflow significantly, and the ideal circuit layout employed eliminates electrical noise, and creates dramatically improved sound quality without distortion.

Its highly precise femto clock helps the RS250 deliver superb stereoscopic, and distortion-free sound with quiet and clear background imaging. With built-in ESS flagship DAC, this delivers a low-noise, low-distortion and ultra-high-resolution sound, and rich analogue density that supports PCM 32 bit / 768kHz and Native DSD512 (22.5792MHz).

ROSE OS was created from scratch by Hi-Fi Rose themselves using the Android platform to deliver a first-class user experience. Whether accessed via Rose Connect, the iOS/Android app, or through the built-in 8.8″ touch-screen, it gives, clear intuitive access to all aspects of the RS250 design.

The RS250 design, in combination with ROSE OS, gives you complete control of your listening experience, optimising it for the very best performance. The compact design and 8.8″ IPS multi-touch screen with its 4K high-resolution wide viewing angle provide an intuitive and convenient interface where albums and music videos can be played on the front display. In addition, the smart and convenient controls allow users to remotely play through a dedicated smart device application as well as the bundled Bluetooth remote control.

There is the opportunity to output the Hi-Fi Rose RS250 4K screen to a TV via HDMI where users are able to watch their high-definition videos from Rose Tube on a larger screen. Rose Tube is a YouTube client that has been established by the ROSE development team using the Youtube API provided by Google. Unlike Youtube, it provides a list of recommended contents suitable for HIFI enthusiasts. Regardless of the video, the highest quality audio tracks are always selected for playback, allowing you to enjoy Rose Tube in high resolution.

The Hi-Fi Rose RS250 is a complete hi-fi network streamer and is a must-consider option for anyone who wants the latest technology with ease of accessibility and convenience with a high-spec design.

Technical Specifications


8.8” wide multi-touch touchscreen
Support for digital audio playback up-to 32-bit / 768KHz (PCM) and DSD512 (Native DSD)
Stream music from your network or attached devices through the built-in Rose OS MUSIC app ✓ Airplay, Roon Ready and Spotify Connect streaming included
Integrated apps for Qobuz and Tidal services
MQA certified device (full decoding)
Bespoke Rose OS apps give access to video services, podcasts, and radio playback
Playback or rip CDs from external optical drives, connected by USB (drive not included)
Manually adjust output settings to suit the RS250 to your needs
Special linear power supply configuration minimises electrical noise
Additional inputs for Line or Digital devices
HDMI output for 4K video output to a connected TV (via Tidal, Rose Tube or Video apps)
Wi-Fi, ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0 (AD2DP SINK, AVRCP v1.3) connectivity
Space for built-in (SATA), Micro SD or USB storage devices
Full-feature app available for iOS and Android devices (desktop app coming soon)
Bluetooth remote control included

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