RCA Y Cable - RCA Mono Female to Two RCA Male

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Connect mono audio to audio equipment with dual RCA connectors. Perfect to connect a pair of RCA Stereo interconnect to your Mono Subwoofer input or other rca-enabled device..

This Y-cable delivers excellent sound quality for today's audio applications.

  • Features braided copper shielding, aluminum Mylar shielding, and gas injected foam Dielectric. Includes adjustable & reusable Velcro cable strap for easy organization & storage.
  • The color-coded, molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket to enable easy installation and identification.
  • The 24K gold-plated heavy duty connectors ensure long lasting sound quality from corrosion-free connections.
  • Use this cable to connect mono audio to stereo audio equipment with dual RCA connectors.

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