MoFi Electronics - Super HeavyWeight Champion Noise Dissipation Record Weight

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    Have a large, heavy turntable? Mobile Fidelity's Super HeavyWeight Champion noise-dissipation record weight is made for you and delivers knockout performance. Developed in conjunction with Harmonic Resolution Systems engineers and compatible with even the most massive 'tables, its revelatory abilities go far beyond simply coupling the record to the platter – the duty performed by nearly every other type on the market. In addition to superb coupling, Super HeavyWeight Champion literally drains groove noise away from your stylus, audibly improving clarity and impact. That's correct: Super Heavyweight Champion acts as a noise-dissipation device that eliminates resonance, elevates resolution, and enhances stability – feats that translate into greater dynamics, firmer instrumental foundations, and better definition. Credit its heavier mass compared to its revered sibling, Super HeavyWeight.

    Designed with a proprietary HRS polymer selected for its noise-absorbing properties, Super HeavyWeight Champion features a carefully chosen mass that will never put a strain on your turntable's motor, suspension, or bearing. Built from a machined billet aluminum outer shell, it's easy to grip. And the universal non-threaded design makes its simple and quick to use. For further security, Super HeavyWeight Champion has a soft polymer underside that won't damage the record labels on your LPs.

    • Weight: 17.5oz.
    • Designed with a proprietary HRS polymer
    • Built from a machined billet aluminum outer shell
    • Universal non-threaded design
    • Soft polymer underside

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