Melco S100 Audiophile Ethernet Dataswitch

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Unlock more performance from your Ethernet based music !!!!!!

Melco’s new S100 is an audiophile-technology extreme-performance data switch promising improved sound quality for any network audio device using an Ethernet connection.

Digital Music relies on perfectly timed data in a low noise environment to achieve maximum performance.
The limitation to the ultimate sound quality of digital music on an Ethernet network is the network itself and the components used.
IT components are low cost commodity items and are effective for PC data and gaming etc. But they are simply inadequate for high quality digital music.
One critical component is all digital music systems is the dataswitch which handles both the music data and control.

The Melco S100 is designed and configured as an audiophile component without any IT compromises.

The S100 has been built from the ground up as a proper audio switch, not an off the shelf IT accessory the S100 puts priority on sound quality and data integrity, whereas IT put all the emphasis on speed and throughput.  The S100 has 4 ports rated at 100MbE speeds (optimised for audio devices) and 4 ports rated at 1GbE for other devices, plus 2 Fibre Optic SFP ports the S100 will offer a dramatic upgrade in performance for those using Ethernet to move audio file around and it is not just for Melco owners, Linn, Naim, Lumin (the X1 uses Fibre Optic Ethernet) and general computer audio uses can benefit from what the S100 offers.

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