Kimber Kable TAK Ag

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Kimber Kable understands that a turntable is an extension of the audiophile's commitment to musical enjoyment. TAK™ preserves all the precious detail that can be extracted from vinyl. OCQ/2™ (Orthogonal GyroQuadratic/2 channel) braiding virtually eliminates electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference and crosstalk. Proprietary shielding material drastically reduces low frequency hum. Standard terminations are high quality 5-pin DIN to RCA or XLR. Other termination options are available on request.


  • DUT: TAK Ag 1m terminated with Ultraplate RCA type connectors.
    • (Cp) parallel capacitance: 47.1 pF @ 20 kHz
    • (Ls) series inductance: 1.31 µH @ 20 kHz
    • (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.119 Ω Ground/Shield: R: 0.065 Ω X: 0.359 Ω
    • (Xt) total reactance: 0.162 Ω @ 20 kHz
    • Cross Talk @ -60dB 92.0 kHz
    • Frequency response ± 0.5 dB dc - 5 MHz

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