Kimber Kable REL CU Subwoofer Cable

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Introducing the new Kimber subwoofer cable designed specifically for REL subwoofers.

Connection Options Available
For connection options to your amplifier, REL Cu comes as a bare wire cable on the amp end, but it may also include three banana plugs, three spades, three color-coded heat shrink connection sleeves of red, black, yellow and solder.

  • Hex braid geometry
  • Kimber VariStrand conductor geometry
  • 6 VariStrand™ copper conductors FEP conductor dielectric - Low temperature, high pressure extrusion process
  • Protective braided nylon sleeve
  • Neutrik locking speakon connector

Wide choice of terminations Designed with six, Hyper-pure, VariStrand™ copper conductors encapsulated in an advanced FEP dielectric (a low temperature, high pressure extrusion process) and then finally sleeved in a protective braided nylon sleeve, the Kimber REL cable will bring the very best from your sub.

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