IsoAcoustics zaZen II Isolation Platform

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    In Zen Buddhist practice, the term zazen refers to peaceful, seated meditation. That concept evokes the sturdy surface this platform provides, which decouples turntables, amplifiers and similar components from furniture to eliminate rumble and vibration. It features an elegant medium gloss black finish over a dense fiber construction, with integrated isolator "feet." The platform is 1.65 inches thick, and rated to support up to 40 lbs.


    zaZen Isolation Platform: The zaZen (meaning "sitting meditation") is a stable isolation platform designed for turntables, tube amps, and other sensitive audio equipment. The combination of the platform mass and the integrated IsoAcoustics isolation technology allows audio gear to reveal greater acoustic clarity and detail. The zaZen is available in two sizes -

    • zaZen I: Measures 17" (w) x 1.5" (h) x 15" (d) with a weight capacity of 25 lbs.
    • zaZen II: Measures 17" (w) x 1.65" (h) x 15" (d) with a weight capacity of 40 lbs.

    Note: The zaZen model should be selected based on the weight it will be supporting. The zaZen I is recommended for lighter turntables and components and has a weight capacity of 25 lbs. The zaZen II has a weight capacity of up to 40lbs. It is also important to ensure that the turntable or component can fit on top of the zaZen platform which measures 17" (w) x 15" (d).

    Low Noise Floor: Navigating the tiny variations in a vinyl record's grooves, a turntable stylus has to be a very delicate instrument. Problems occur at higher volumes, footsteps cause the record to skip, but what is often overlooked are the finer details that are missing or distorted as a result of vibrations. The zaZen provides a stable platform with a low noise floor that allows turntables to reach their full potential without interference from structure born vibrations, revealing a new level of detail and clarity.

    Dense Fiber Construction: The zaZen isolation platform features an elegant medium gloss black finish over a dense fiber construction to provide the ideal combination of visual and acoustic design to complete the IsoAcoustics platform. The platform is very dense and contains no voids, making it an ideal material for the isolation platform. The combination of the mass from the dense platform with the integrated isolators creates a high degree of isolation, allowing turntables and electronic components to perform at their best, revealing greater acoustic clarity and detail.

    Integrated Isolators: The crucial element of the zaZen platform is the integrated isolators (based on IsoAcoustics' award-winning GAIA Series) that absorb vibrations, so they do not resonate through, or reflect off the supporting surface. The isolators use IsoAcoustics patented design which consists of a top isolator, bottom isolator, and a connector. The isolation is a result of the way the three parts working together, so there is not a single path connecting the turntable to the supporting surface. It is the shape, durometer, and material characteristics of the isolators are tuned for a given weight capacity. The isolators are partially recessed into the platform and fastened into place for a strong connection to the platform.

    Note: The zaZen isolation platform is designed to be used on a level surface. The zaZen platform does not have height adjustment.

    • 1.65"-thick dense fiber platform isolates components from vibration and resonance
    • elegant medium gloss black finish
    • four integrated isolation feet
    • weight capacity: 40 lbs.
    • 17"W x 1-11/16"H x 15"D
    • warranty: 2 years

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