IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK 76 Vibration Isolator for Studio Monitors and Amps (2-pack)

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From heavy amps to full-sized PA speakers, the IsoAcoustics plus-sized ISO-Puck delivers the acclaimed acoustic isolation on a larger scale. These 3-inch-diameter, 1.5-inch-tall ISO-Puck 76 discs sit between your speaker's feet and the floor, where they tame the transfer of vibrations between the cabinet and the floor or other surface it's sitting on. Cupped tops let each cabinet's foot nestle securely in place to prevent misalignment and tipped over gear. Each ISO-Puck 76 disc can handle up to 40 lbs. individually, and since they come in sets of two, it's easy to get all the support you need.

Decoupling is a remarkably simple concept. When your amp or speaker sits directly on a surface, it's considered coupled with it. That coupled surface then effectively becomes part of the speaker, resonating at a lower frequency than average and creating false bass notes. In the studio, that means you'll hear bass that isn't really there, which will affect your ability to make good mixing decisions. Live, coupling your amps and PA speakers with hollow stages and hard floors creates booming bass that can overwhelm your venue or crank up the stage volume until the band can't hear themselves play.

The IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck 76 is designed to sit between your speaker enclosure and whatever it's sitting on. A sandwich of sophisticated polymers allows your speaker cabinet and the surface it's sitting on to move independently, minimizing the amount of vibration that can pass from one to the other — whether that's the elimination of false lows to pass from your speaker to the floor/stand or rumble in the floor from traveling up your mic stand and into your mic.

  • Improve the sound of your existing amps and speakers
  • Ideal for heavy guitar and bass cabinets and PA speakers
  • Decouples your speakers from supporting surfaces
  • Helps to minimize vibrational resonance into coupled surfaces and mic stands
  • Multi-part construction dissipates energy that can cloud your sound
  • Suction cup flange on top and bottom for secure mounting
  • Small, round, and easy to position
  • Pack includes (2) ISO-Puck 76 discs
  • Supports up to 40 lbs each
  • 1.5" H x 3.0" W

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