Hana Shibata Mono Phono Cartridge

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Hana, translated as “brilliant and gorgeous”, represents Excel’s best materials, including alnico magnets, cross-shaped armatures, and proprietary manufacturing processes. They have excelled at creating MC cartridges noted worldwide for their sound and value, which retain their “musical magic” regardless of the phono stage. Weighting only 5 grams, they possess great tracking ability for the price, and they represent the best way to upgrade from “starter” cartridges that come packaged with turntables. Hana models are the perfect choice for an audiophile looking for the highest return on their dollar 

  • Stylus: Nude diamond Shibata Stylus shape: 0.27x1.57mil
  • Cantilever: Aluminum
  • Output level: 0.4mv/1KHz
  • VTF: 2gr
  • Trackability: 70μm/2gr
  • Frequency response: 15-32,000Hz
  • Impedance: 23Ω/1KHz
  • Suggeted load: >200Ω
  • Cartridge weight: 5gr
  • Body color: Black
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