Focal Bathys Over-ear Wireless Bluetooth® Noise-Canceling Headphones

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    Focal has released wireless noise-canceling headphones in the past, but nothing quite like this. The Bathys over-ear headphones closely resemble the storied line of premium wired headphones from the French audio experts. After auditioning these splendid 'phones, I've found they offer a similar top-shelf sonic experience — along with a lighter design that's packed with on-the-go features. 

    Bluetooth 5.1 is on board — with hi-fi formats like aptX® Adaptive and aptX HD — so you can play music wirelessly from your phone. Focal uses the same fast-attack 40mm driver design they developed for their revered audiophile headphones, like the Utopia, Clear Mg, or Celestee. And they deliver the best sound I've heard from a set of wireless noise-canceling headphones — expansive, full-bodied, and articulate with a tremendous sense of space.


    These headphones aren't quite as sizeable and robust as Focal's wired audiophile offerings — but they are larger than the average set of over-ears. Still, their weight is nicely distributed, and I could wear them through work shifts without fatigue. Their sturdy, well-padded earcups are held together by an aluminum frame and smooth-sliding magnesium headphone yokes that helps keep the fit secure, yet relaxed.   

    Real leather covers the outside of the headband while a soft, pleasant microfiber hugs the head. Visually, they look sharp — Focal started with their familiar design motif and added some extra flair and flourishes. Most noticeably, the backlit logo that shines on when paired to your phone. (I got a kick out of the fact that I could dim or turn off the LED light with the Focal & Naim app, a free download for Apple® and Android™.)


    Built-in active noise-canceling circuitry uses a series of mics to monitor external sounds and adjusts itself accordingly. This helps set a low noise floor for the drivers to do their thing. The Focal & Naim app lets you toggle between two levels of noise cancellation.

    When you need to be aware of your surroundings, push the button on the left earcup to activate "Transparency" mode. It uses the built-in mics to pick up external sounds and voices.  


    In each earcup, you'll find Focal's well-engineered drivers, complete with their acclaimed "M"-shaped diaphragm domes. This special design gives the Aluminum/Magnesium-based drivers a more fluid, effortless movement, which greatly reduces distortion and phase problems. It's why Focal headphones always sound so dynamic and yet controlled, across a wide frequency range.

    Here, Focal's tuned their drivers to perform better within the Bathys' closed housings. There are shrewdly placed vents surrounding the glowing Focal logo to release excess energy and avoid distortion. The oversized leather ear pads help further absorb resonances — keeping the powerful bass response tight and linear. 


    Music plays wirelessly from your phone via Bluetooth 5.1 — a newer, more reliable version of Bluetooth. I was able to keep my phone on my office desk and walk clear across my basement without audio dropout. Plus, multi-point connection lets you pair two devices at the same time, so you can quickly sync to your phone or laptop. 


    When fully charged, you can listen to these headphones wirelessly for up to 30 hours with noise cancellation. And if you need a quick fuel-up, a 15-minute charge will give you up to five hours of wireless listening. Focal also included cables for optional wired listening, including a 3.5mm miniplug cable.

    Just note there's no "passive" listening mode — the headphones need to be charged up even when you listen wired. (And since you're using the circuitry built into the headphones, there's no benefit to connecting to a separate headphone amp.) But you can plug the included USB-C cable into a compatible phone or computer and bypass that device's audio circuitry. The Bathys headphones have an internal DAC that's capable of playing high-resolution audio files. 

    • Over-the-ear, closed-back headphones with adaptive noise cancellation
    • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for wireless music listening and phone calls
      • aptX Adaptive automatically adjusts to prioritize audio quality or low latency, depending on the listening situation
      • aptX HD and AAC decoding provide high-quality music streaming from compatible device
      • Multi-point connection for pairing two devices at once
    • Made of high-grade materials like leather, aluminum, and magnesium
    • Noise-canceling circuitry to minimize external noise
      • designed to preserve listening experience by not interfering with audio quality
    • Dedicated button for toggling through levels of noise cancellation and "Transparency" mode
      • Transparency mode turns off noise-canceling so you can hear your surroundings
    • Earcup controls let you answer calls, play/pause music, and skip songs
    • Summon Alexa or Google Assistant on your smart phone
    • Built-in mic system for clear calls in noisy areas
    • Focal & Naim app lets you manually adjust noise cancellation and sound
      • Free download for Apple® and Android™ devices
      • Power off or choose brightness of LED light on logo
    • 40mm dynamic drivers made of high-grade materials
      • Specially designed "M-shaped" aluminum/magnesium domes deliver wide-range frequency response
      • Designed, developed, and assembled in Saint-Etienne, France
    • Drivers positioned in closed-back headphone chamber to emulate the sound of near-field speakers
      • Specially placed air vents help manage the tonal balance of the bass and midbass
      • Provide fast, uniform motion for well-balanced sound and low distortion
    • Built-in DAC and premium headphone amplifier for optimum wireless and wired playback
    • Supports high-res audio playback with wired USB connection (PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz)
    • Built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 30 hours of wireless use with noise cancellation on full charge
      • 15-minute quick charge provides enough power for 5 hours of listening
    • Includes two detachable cables:
      • 4-foot 3.5mm mini-to-miniplug listening cable
      • 4-foot USB-C to USB-C cable for charging and listening to compatible digital source
    • Headphones must be powered on, no passive listening
    • Secure, snug fit with oversized, plush earpads and headband padding
    • Zippered rigid carrying case included
    • THD: <0.2% (1kHz/10mW)
    • Frequency response: 15-22,000 Hz
    • Weight: 12.32 ounces

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