Economical Digital Analog Tracking Force Gauge

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Note: Turntable setup tools are final sale only, and are not covered by our return policy.

For its price, this digital tracking force gauge is tough to beat. More accurate than the "teeter totter" style at the same pricing.

  • Stylus gauge for accurate stylus force adjustment.
  • Accurate stylus force is important for ensuring the playback result and life of your valuable records and cartidge. Too high stylus force results in shortened record/stylus life while too low stylus force result in easy mistracking and both of the cases with come into poor audio performance.
  • Capacity : 0-5.00g ( display 3 digit ), Graduation : 0.01g- highly sensitive,
  • Dimensions : 96 X 43 X 20 mm
  • Power : 2 X 1.5V lithium cell Ag12 (included)
  • Easy to operate; automatic turn-off after 2 minutes' inactivity
  • Stainless steel weighing area
  • Nonmagnetic

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