Clearaudio Talismann V2.1 Gold MC Phono Cartridge

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The Talismann v2.1 is the first model in the Clearaudio MC line that uses our patents developed in the 1970s by Peter Suchy for a fully symmetrical moving coil phono cartridge design. What’s more is that it uses the v2 generator, positioning their 24-karat pure gold air-core coils with twice the magnets, so the coils are operating in a much stronger magnetic field. 

Housed in a unique Ebony wood body that provides better coupling to the headshell and resonance tuning, the Talismann v2.1 has a richness and fullness without sacrificing resolution. As with all Clearaudio MCs, it uses a solid boron rod cantilever. The new clearaudio Prime Line stylus provides a hybrid parabolic geometry and a reduction of tip mass, assuring more accuracy to groove tracing and high frequency linearity.

Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Output Voltage 0.5 mV
Channel Separation 25 - 30dB
Channel Balance < 0.5 dB
Tracking Ability 80 µm
Tracking Force 2.8 g ± 0.2 g
Cartridge Impedance 50Ω
Compliance 15μ/mN
Coil Material 24 carat gold
Coil Assembly Absolutely symmetrical design
Cantilever Boron
Stylus clearaudio Prime Line
Body Hand polished ebony wood with metal alloy internal resonance damping
Weight 10.6 - 11.2 g
Warranty 2 years

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