Clearaudio Professional Analog Toolkit For Turntables

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Professional, perfect complete set of instruments and accessories to calibrate any turntable and keep it in top-shape. UNIVERSAL – designed for all types of turntables, tonearms and cartridges.

Each of the instruments and even the smallest accessory made of the highest quality materials – characteristic of CLEARAUDIO product quality.

All the of the tools gathered in a practical case.

1. Bearing Oil
2. Weight Watcher digital scale w/calibration weight
3. Level gauge
4. Mini level gauge
5. Diamond Stylus Brush
6. Elixir of Sound (stylus cleaning fluid)
7. Cartridge & Tonearm alignment gauge w/Stroboscope Test Disc and Speed Light
8. Headshell cable set
9. Demagnetized mini screwdriver
10. White Gloves
11. Cartridge Mounting Screws
12. Headshell Spacer Plates
13. Tweezers
14. Flashlight for easy inspection of the tip of the needle
15. LP Drill
16. Allen key set
17. A set of gold plated connectors for cartridge
18. Magnifying Glass
19. 180g Trackability Test Record 

** Set-up Tools are non-returnable **

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