Clearaudio Nano V2 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

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  • The printed circuit board is encased in a solid CNC-machined, resonance-free aluminum chassis. The latest sophisticated surface-mount technology is used in conjunction with precision electronic components, such as Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments) integrated circuits. The Nano v2’s extremely short signal paths lead to pure, noise-free music reproduction.

    The fully dual-mono design features separate left and right switches for input loading and gain control. Users can also select between moving coil or moving magnet sensitivity, extracting the best results from virtually any phono cartridge.

  • The new Nano Phono v2 moving coil / moving magnet phono stage provides higher quality performance:

    • RIAA accuracy is better than +/- 0.4dB from 20Hz – 50kHz
    • Signal to noise ratio (MM) is improved to 81dB
    • Distortion is reduced to less than 0.006%
    • Features a top-mounted power on / off button and level control

  • Amplification: 54 to 68 dB (MC – Mode)

    34 to 48 dB (MM – Mode)

    Input load: 47 kΩ / 220pF / MM

    User / MC
    MM / MC – input: switchable (at bottom)

    RIAA: 75μs / 318μs / 3180μs

    RIAA accuracy: ± 0,4 dB at 20Hz-50kHz

    THD: < 0,006% MC ("A" weighted at 1kHz/ - 1dB@ Max

    Headroom: 18dB / MC
    S/N: 70 dB ("A" Weighted)

    81 dB ("A" Weighted)

    Channel separation: > 80 db (1 kHz)

    Max. output voltage: 10 V eff. (1 kHz)

    Power supply: ±18 V DC/300mA (external power supply)

    Consumption power: < 0,3W/Standby mode

    Inputs / outputs: asymmetrical (RCA)

    Weight: 500 g (Phonostage and power supply)

    Dimensions (W x D x H in mm): 85 x 106 x 25

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