Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC Phono Cartridge

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The Goldfinger Statement is Clearaudio’s flagship phono cartridge, heralding a new era in hi-fi analogue music reproduction.

It features twelve magnets arranged in their patented ring configuration. The generator coils are painstakingly wound using pure 24-karat gold wire. These features collectively generate an intense magnetic field that result in:

• significantly reduced moving mass
• greater sound performance
• increased dynamic range
• ultra-high resolution of even the finest details

Additionally, the body is machined from 14-karat gold to provide excellent damping against resonance.

The Goldfinger Statement is also the first moving coil cartridge in the world to integrate electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding of the generator assembly, isolating unwanted noise from the ‘outside world.’

As a finishing touch, the Goldfinger Statement features a ½-karat diamond mounted in the front of the body.

  • “One of the best moving-could cartridges yet, with outstanding tracing and tracking.” – The Absolute Sound 40th Anniversary Issue, Top 100 Products 1973-2013 as selected by TAS writing team
  • “Simply the best…” – The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Awards
  • Product of the Year - The Absolute Sound
  • Golden Ear Award - The Absolute Sound
  • Editors Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

Technical Data:

  • Total mass: 16,5 gr. (+/- 0,5 gr.)
  • Stylus shape: Micro HD
  • Cantilever: Boron
  • Coil material: 24 kt gold
  • Compliance: 15/15 µ/mN
  • Recommended tracking force: 2.8 gram (+/-0.2 gram)
  • Channel separation: > 30 dB
  • Channel difference: < 0,2 dB
  • Output voltage: 0.9 mV at 5 cm/s
  • Cartridge Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Cartridge body: 14 kt gold
  • Warranty: 2 years

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