Clearaudio Bestseller Classic No.1 - 180g LP Vinyl

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Bestseller Classic No. 1 recordings are using a unique recording technique and contain unusually wide dynamic range and present an extraordinary challenge to all stereo systems. This recording can be used even for listening tests or for real comparison of the sound quality of different High Fidelity components and systems. The songs of this album are carefully recorded and timeless. They are just wonderful!

• 180g Vinyl

1. Alla turca (Mozart)
2. For Elise (Beethoven)
3. Menuet D major (Mozart)
4. Waltz sharp minor,op.64 (Chopin)
5. Etude E flat minor (Rachmaninov)
6. Hungarian Dance (Brahms)
7. Ave Maria (Gounod)
8. Serenade (Schubert)
9. Dreaming (Schumann)
10. Humoresque G flat major (Dvorak)
11. Valse triste (Sibelius)

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