Cardas Magneplanar Cross-over Jumper Kit - Pair

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  • Replace your Magneplanar Steel Magna Pins - Upgrade your Magnepan Cross-overs with the Cardas "MAGGIE" Jumper Kit. 12" - 11.5 AWG Golden Reference Stranding with the Cardas CABE Banana.

Kit includes (2) bundled pair of 12" Jumpers

The Magnepan responses well with the Cardas Magneplanar Cross-over Jumper Kit. Simply disconnect the crossover from the rear of the speaker, remove the Bass +/- and the Tweeter +/- steel Magna pins. Support the crossover between the speaker legs on "non-steel" supports such a Cardas Myrtle Blocks. Install the 12" jumpers between the crossover and the speaker. We also suggest you replace the tweeter attenuator with the 3" 15AWG Jumper kit. If you are not biwiring your system, also consider purchasing (2) more sets of the 3.5" mid-range jumpers to replace the steel biwire magnepin jumpers (near the inputs) on the crossover. SWEET!

Kit includes (2) bundled pair of 12" Cardas 11.5 AWG, multi-strand Golden Reference conductors terminated with Cardas Cardas CABE.

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