Cardas Clear Beyond Speaker Cable - PAIR

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The new Cardas Clear is amazing! George Cardas' latest pursuit of perfection. This cable dances the razors edge of musicality and resolution. Some high performance cables can tend to be "too revealing." Not the Clear... due to it's sophisticated construction it is a pure window to music. The Clear Beyond carries twice as many conductors as the Clear and is biwirable.

Clear Beyond is simply that, it is beyond the demands of any loud speaker or amplifier combination imaginable. No impedance dip or current flow demand is a challenge in any way. Clear Beyond is simply overkill for all but the most extreme systems. Clear was not easy. I took a year, just to developed the multi-stage, pure fusion connector to conductor connection. It required engineering special dies, then endless hours of fiddling with 10,000 psi hydraulic gear, creating perfectly matched, fully machined connectors. All conductors required tedious individual strand chemical stripping of the litz wire. Because every detail of these cables is so time consuming, their production will be limited for the foreseeable future.


  • Outside Diameter: .934
  • Dielectric Type: Teflon®, Air
  • Inductance: .01 uh uh/ft/loop
  • Capacitance: 446 pf pf/ft
  • Bi Wire Option: Yes
  • Cable AWG: 5
  • Conductor Type: Perfect Mirror Octoaxial

A new form of termination where the spades/banana are crush forged onto the cable to create one solid copper junction.

Sold in pairs

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