Bel Canto PRE5 Preamplifier

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The PRE5 from Bel Canto is a fully analogue pre-amplifier, there's no digital circuitry anywhere. The PRE5 is capable of a 125dB dynamic range and low 0.002% distortion figure.

A menu system allows balance control, and a user configurable home theatre bypass to be set up for any input.

Four pairs of unbalanced RCA analogue inputs, and a balanced pair of XLR inputs provide five analogue inputs.

One pair of unbalanced RCA outputs and one pair of balanced XLR outputs connection directly to a power amplifier.

  • fully analogue pre-amplifier
  • 4x pairs unbalanced RCA inputs (2.5v)
  • 1x pair balanced XLR input (5v)
  • 1x pair analogue RCA outputs
  • 1x pair analogue XLR outputs
  • 125dB dynamic range
  • balance control
  • user configurable home theatre bypass
  • H 88mm x W 216mm x D 305mm

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