Audioengine W2 Wireless iPod Adapter

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Audioengine W2 - DEMO - 10/10 Condition

The AW2 uses uncompressed CD-quality transmission technology with no network setup, software, or computer required. The Wi-Fi-based wireless is an all-digital PCM encoded stream sent over a closed network.  This system includes some clever error correction and low latency, which means that your music gets to your stereo fast without any lag, loss in sound quality, or interference from other wireless products or microwave ovens, cordless phones, etc.. The Sender doesn't need to be charged and you have full control over your iPod, with no sluggish menus or lack of volume control as is common with remotes and wireless iPod adapters.

Audioengine W2 (AW2) Premium Wireless Adapter for iPod - Send music wirelessly from your iPod to to any music system. AW2 provides CD-quality stereo sound with no reduction in audio quality. Unwire your iPod with the Ultimate Wireless Adapter!

AW2 Features

  • Use your iPod for total wireless music control
  • Quick setup, Receiver included
  • Super-compact size, no batteries needed
  • No separate remote or base station needed
  • Uncompressed CD-quality digital transmission
  • No dropouts, static or interference
  • Wi-Fi technology beats Bluetooth and FM
  • No DRM restrictions, plays all your music
  • HOP feature works with up to 8 receivers

Package Contents

  • Wireless Music Sender for iPod
  • Wireless Music Receiver
  • USB AC Power Adapter
  • Mini-jack to RCA Adapter Cable
  • Mini-jack (3.5mm) Audio Cable


  • Wi-Fi frequency band: 2.4-2.4835GHz
  • THD+N (A-weighted): <0.03%
  • Latency: <20mSec
  • Range (typical): 30ft (9 meters)
  • Audio frequency response: 20Hz to 22Khz (+/-1.5db)
  • Output voltage: 830mV
  • Channel separation: 65dB
  • Dimensions (each): 100x30x10mm 

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