Audience adept Response aR2p Power Conditioner

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Realize the Full Potential of Power

The aR2p power conditioner is exceedingly unique and versatile; designed for single component applications like mono block amplifiers, receivers, video projectors and video displays. The aR2p plugs directly into a wall or ceiling power outlet (no power cord required). A simple high quality multi outlet power distribution system plugged into the aR2p can provide power conditioning for an entire audio or video system; albeit without component to component isolation featured in multi-outlet Adept Response conditioners.

The Adept Response will elevate the performance of your audio/video system to new heights like no other power conditioner. In addition to superior power protection, the Adept Response delivers the ultimate audio/video experience.

Adept Response technology is considered to be the very best in providing clean ac power. The aR2p is designed like the renowned twelve outlet Adept Response, aR12. It is hand built without the use of circuit boards or clip on connections. It is built only with premium quality high current components throughout. 

The aR2p Adept Response provides surge suppression up to 20,000 amps. Whereas surge suppression devices like the ubiquitous MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) are sacrificial devices and wear out over time, the aR2p surge suppression does not deteriorate. We have also found that MOV devices introduce grunge to audio and video signal. The surge suppression in the aR2p is entirely silent.

The aR2p employs wide bandwidth RF filtration. By reducing power line noise interference the adeptResponse provides a lower noise floor and blacker background, resulting in a higher resolution audio/video presentation.

The Adept Response High Resolution Power Conditioner is a cutting edge design providing the best power conditioning possible without limiting dynamics. Since power must respond quickly and completely to the demands of program material we believe it is imperative that power conditioning components present the lowest possible impedance power path while providing wide bandwidth noise reduction. Conventional power conditioners simply cannot approach the bandwidth/impedance characteristics of the Adept Response while still offering effective noise filtration and high voltage surge protection. Exclusive Audience technology achieves far greater performance for all audio and video components.

  • Dynamic range performance maximized by extremely low DC resistance 
  • Hubbell high conductivity power receptacle 
  • Marinco high conductivity power plug 
  • Audience Teflon Aura-T ultra high resolution capacitors used exclusively in filter sections
  • All hand wired with 10 gauge equivalent power wire; no printed circuit boards 
  • Non-wearing silent high voltage transient suppression up to 20,000 AMPS 
  • Ceiling mount bracket 
  • Non-resonant damping 
  • Entire electrical circuit cryogenically treated

  • Technical Data
  • Power Connectors: High conductivity US power receptacle and plug 
  • Current / Voltage: 15A/120V 
  • Dimensions: 3.56” W x 6.31” H x 3.56” D 
  • Weight: 1.8 LBS 
  • Finish: High impact polycarbonate

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