Advance Paris X-P1200 Pre-Amplifier

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  • To meet the expectations of the most demanding music lovers who pay particular attention to the final result of their audio system and who devote a large part of their leisure time to listening to music, we have created the flagship monophonic power amplifier X-A1200.


    The X-P1200 preamplifier is the showcase of our know-how. Reference stereo preamplifier, it is in fact composed of two mono preamplifiers assembled in a single compartmentalized box to ensure complete isolation of the various circuits and preamplification stages.

    This design ensures better channel separation (crosstalk) and therefore a better stereo effect.

    Not only does the X-P1200 have independent right and left channel preamp circuits, but so do their power supplies that we have chosen to make them totally independent through the use of two transformers.

    The X-P1200 is equipped with 9 analog inputs including 2 Balanced XLR inputs., A USB B input (XMOS), 2 coaxial digital inputs and 2 digital inputs. On the output side, you will have the choice between a balanced XLR type output or unbalanced RCA type. Everything has been thought out to make this preamp the benchmark for the best audio systems: mains input with choke filtering and capacitors, two toroidal transformers with high current capacity, filtering composed of 4 capacitors 12000uF / 150V.

    The regulation is done by integrated circuits mounted on heat sinks. Concerning the switching of the inputs/outputs, it is done by relay without loss of contact. The symmetrization of the cinch inputs and the desymmetrization is done using quality operational amplifiers of the Burr Brown type.

    The processing of digital sources is entrusted to an Analog Device AD-1955 converter. This converter is particularly suitable for high end and SACD applications. The quality of the digital to analog decoding is of very high level with a signal to noise ratio of 123 dB and top quality audio. It is comprised of a multi-bit sigma delta modulator, high-performance digital interpolation filters, and continuous-time differential current output DAC.

    The playback of audio files from a PC or MAC computer is entrusted to XMOS, a reference solution in the field of quality audio reproduction.

    Pairing the X-P1200 with two X-A1200 mono units will yield a truly exceptional system.

    Output level

    10.5 +/-0.5dB

    Frequency response




    Signal to noise ratio

    ≥ 110 dB

    Channel separation

    ≥ 100 dB

    Imped. unbalanced input


    Imped. balanced input



    < 500mV

    Phono MM/MC input level


    audio receiver


    AC input


    consumption max.

    ≤ 30W




    440 mm


    155 mm


    430 mm

    Net weight

    14,2 kg.

    Gross weight

    15,6 kg.



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