Advance Paris X-i1100 Integrated Amplifier

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    Advance Paris, French manufacturer of high fidelity presents the latest addition to its CLASSIC range designed for the demanding music lover. This new integrated amplifier has many technical advantages. We thus confirm our desire to leave nothing to chance and to optimize each of the modules that make up this integrated amplifier.

    We get a device with many possibilities, operated intuitively, thanks to unit's ergonomics, and above all a flawless and blameless musicality, all offered at a very competitive price, given the enormous potential of the X -i1100.The X-i1100 has no less than six inputs, including a moving magnet phono, an unbalanced and balanced CD, a tuner, two auxiliaries and an “Amp ln” direct input.

    The digital inputs are just as numerous: one USB, one AES, and six S/PDIF including four optical. The outputs are not to be outdone: one dedicated to unbalanced line recording and a preamplifier output, in order to connect an additional power unit to the X-i1100. The X-i1100 can power virtually any type of powered speaker with its 220W effective per channel under 8Ω (400W under 4Ω€!) based on a toroidal transformer of 700VA and 60000uF of filtering capacity.

    The preamplification stage is a significant focus with switching relays as close to the inputs as possible. The DAC has two digital signal receivers: an X-Mos processor and a jitter-corrected USB3318 for the USB input and a Cirrus Logic CS8416 for all others, AES and S/PDIF. The chosen converter, a Burr Brown PCM1796, manages signals up to 192 kHz at 24 bits. Metal film resistors and polypropylene capacitors contribute to the quality of reproduction of this integrated amplifier. Mounted on large heat sinks, the amplifier boards, connected to the output terminals by means of 4 mm2 section cables, have a triple push-pull per channel, therefore three pairs of NJW0281 G and NJW0302G bipolar transistors.

    The mechanical construction has also been meticulous: five compartments forming as many galvanic insulations and contributing to the rigidity of the X-i1100 are integrated into the chassis with optimum ventilation of the X-i1100.

    Output power 8Ω

    2 x 200W RMS

    Output power 4Ω

    2 x 400W RMS

    Frequency response

    10Hz – 70kHz

    Tone control

    +/- 10 dB



    Signal to noise ratio

    > 102 dB

    Channel separation

    > 75 dB

    Output impedance

    47KΩ Unbal. / ball. 47KΩ



    Phono MM/MC input level


    consumption max.

    <700W (StandBy<0,5W)


    1 (700VA)


    430 mm


    210 mm


    476 mm

    Net weight

    21,4 kg.





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