Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Subwoofer

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  • If you love deep and refined bass notes, the Bronze W10 is a must-have addition to your speaker set-up as every soundscape is effortlessly reinforced by our beautifully designed subwoofer.

    The Bronze W10’s long-throw 10" C-CAM subwoofer driver combines with the 10" auxiliary bass radiator to bring a vivid realism to any performance.

    Our engineers have acoustically improved the driver and bass radiator by reducing the moving masses and tuning the compliances in the system to improve the transient response - kick drums and explosions now have much more punch and precision. Reduced moving mass and improved rubber feet allows more energy to be transmitted directly into the room rather than being lost through mechanical vibrations through the floor and walls.


    The Bronze W10 is a stunning addition to any room.

    Ultra long throw 10” driver featuring concave ‘dished’ C-CAM cone

    10” flat panel ABR (auxiliary bass driver) mounted on the bottom to augment low frequency extension and power handling

    Powerful Class-D Amplifier delivering over 220W with low distortion

    Switch Mode power supply, designed to deliver high continuous rating and provides the instantaneous delivery of high current when required

    DSP processing with all control features and crossover performed in the digital domain

    Three pre-set EQ mode settings (Music, Movie, Impact)

    12 volt trigger - provides switching control from AV amp, processor or home automation control system

    18mm thick MDF construction

    Heavy cabinet bracing applied to provide stiff, low resonance cabinet

    Premium quality vinyl veneer finishes


    Low Frequency Limit


    Upper Frequency Limit

    40-150Hz (Variable Low Pass filter)

    Low Pass Filter Alignment

    12dB/ Octave variable + 12dB/ Octave Fixed @ 150Hz

    Amplifier Output

    220W R.M.S

    Amplifier Classification

    Class D with Switch mode PSU

    Drive Unit Complement

    1 x 10" C-CAM® Long throw subwoofer driver + 1 x 10” flat panel ABR

    External Dimensions: (H x W x D)

    12-5/8"W x 14-7/16"H x 14-5/16"D (including feet)

    Input Impedance


    Standby power consumption

    0.5W (ErP approved)

    Mains Input Voltage

    110-120 Vac - 50-60Hz
    220-240 Vac - 50-60H
    Electronic auto-select




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