Focal Scala Utopia EVO Loudspeakers (each) - Gloss Black

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Exceptional Acoustic Prowess

When it comes to crafting the extraordinary experience of a home theater, the sound is just as pivotal as the visual. The Focal Scala Utopia Evo isn't just a speaker; it's a testament to acoustic engineering and a homage to the art of sound. Every note, every whisper, and every beat are presented with such clarity that it's more than listening—it's living the performance.

Unrivaled Sound Architecture

The Scala Utopia Evo builds upon the revered legacy of the Utopia III series. It preserves the iconic sound architecture while significantly reducing harmonic distortion in the mid-range register. This refinement means vocals and instruments are reproduced with a pristine naturalness, often lost in lesser audio systems.

  • Preserved Utopia III Sound Architecture: For sound that's faithful to the original recording.

  • Reduced Harmonic Distortion: Ensuring the mid-range frequencies are crystal clear.

Cutting-Edge Innovations

Focal's commitment to innovation shines through with the Scala Utopia Evo's advanced technologies:

  • NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit): This technology stabilizes the magnetic field, resulting in a pure and defined sound.

  • TMD (Tuned Mass Damping) Suspension: It controls vibration to provide a smoother sound without any unwanted resonance.

These innovations work in tandem to deliver an audio experience that is as precise as it is powerful.

Bi-Amplification: The Power of Precision

The Scala Utopia Evo offers the capability for bi-amplification, allowing for separate amplification of the bass and mid-range/treble registers. This feature provides the flexibility to tailor the power and character of the sound to your exact preferences.

  • Separate Amplification: Customize your listening experience by targeting specific frequency ranges.

Exquisite Components and Craftsmanship

Focal doesn't compromise on quality, and the Scala Utopia Evo is a showcase of this philosophy:

  • High-Quality Components: Each component is selected after rigorous real-condition testing.

  • Internal Wiring Crafted in France: With an increased wire gauge, the internal wiring contributes to the improved clarity and naturalness of sound.

  • Acoustic Wadding: The thickened lining ensures tighter and more controlled bass response.

The speaker is also handcrafted in France, ensuring that each unit is not just a piece of technology but a work of art.

Luxurious Design and Aesthetic Appeal

The Scala Utopia Evo is as much a visual statement as it is an auditory one. Available in a range of colors and wood finishes, each speaker is coated with a high gloss varnish, adding an elegant touch to its already striking appearance.

  • Colors: Choose from Ash Grey, Black Lacquer, or Carrara White to match your decor.

  • Wood Finishes: Opt for Noyer Naturel or Noyer Foncé for a touch of warmth and sophistication.

  • High Gloss Varnish: An elegant finish that exudes luxury.

Advanced Driver Technology

The heart of the Scala Utopia Evo's performance lies in its driver configuration:

  • Woofers: Two 8.25" 'W' composite sandwich cone woofers deliver dynamic and impactful bass.

  • Midrange Driver: One 6.5" 'W' composite sandwich cone midrange driver ensures a warm and expressive midrange.

  • Tweeter: The 1.25" pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter offers unparalleled clarity in the high frequencies.

Superior Cabinet Construction

The cabinet's Gamma Structure technology, with precision-cut MDF panels and internal braces, is aligned with vibration cartography to reduce unwanted resonance and enhance sound purity.

  • Gamma Structure Technology: For a solid and resonance-free cabinet.

  • Vibration Cartography: Ensures that each speaker is acoustically optimized.

Focus Time Technology

Focus Time technology aligns the phase of the drivers, resulting in a cohesive soundstage where each instrument and voice is placed precisely within the auditory space.

  • Optimized Driver Phase Alignment: Experience a soundstage that is expansive yet precisely focused.

Performance and Control

The Scala Utopia Evo is not just about delivering sound; it's about controlling it. With NIC and TMD technologies, the speaker offers unrivaled performance and control over the audio output.

  • Improved Performance: Hear every detail with technologies designed to enhance the listening experience.

  • Control: Manage and fine-tune the sound to your liking.

Key features

• 3-way column loudspeaker
• Very high-end product and moderately sized
• Utopia III technologies: Beryllium, IAL2™, TMD suspension, NIC magnet, Focus Time™, OPC+™, W™, Power Flower™, Gamma Structure™
• Customizable sound with adjustable bass, mid-range and treble levels
• 100% made by Focal


Type: 3-way bass-reflex floorstanding loudspeaker

Bass: 11" (27 cm) 'W' woofer

Midrange: Power Flower 6-1/2" (16.5 cm) 'W' midrange with TMD suspension, with 'NIC' motor

Tweeter: 1-1/16" (27 mm) 'IAL2' pure Beryllium inverted dome

Frequency response (±3dB): 27 Hz – 40 kHz

Low frequency point (-6dB): 24 Hz

Sensitivity: 92 dB

Nominal impedance: 8 Ω

Minimum impedance: 3.2 Ω

Crossover frequency: 220 Hz / 2400 Hz

Recommended amplifier power: 40 – 500W

Dimensions (HxWxD): 49" x 15" x 26" (1247 x 393 x 670 mm)

Net weight: 187.4 lb. (85 kg)

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